Hi! I’m Reny. Wife, mother, grand-mother and yes, I’m proud to say it, even a great-grand-mother! So, as you might guess, I have plenty of reasons to get crafty. Since you’re here, I assume that you are crafty as well.

I’ve done many different kinds of crafty things from paper crafts to jewelry, but my passion is yarn! I love to crochet. And I love to share what I learn with other crochet enthusiasts.

Making colorful, adorable little yarn varmints is my favorite pastime, and this website is all about enabling you to join in the fun! My patterns are intentionally simple and versatile. I give you the basic instructions and you add the creativity that lives inside you just seeking a place of expression!

For the frugal among us, (and that would include me) these little varmints require only small amounts of yarn and a bit of stuffing. So if you have a yarn stash, you probably have almost everything you need to make these little guys. And if you have some sweet little children in your life, then you have all the reason you need to get out your hook and begin!

I haven’t always relaxed in my recliner with hook and yarn in hand, although I actually learned to crochet in my 20’s. I laid aside my craft for a number of years to raise a family and work at my vocation as a nurse.

An early retirement freed up my time to finally dive headfirst into what I love to do. But even if you have only a bit of free time, the benefits of crochet are well worth considering. It’s very relaxing and quite satisfying to create an adorable little toy for that special little person in your life! The smiles and giggles you get in return are so worth it!

So let’s do this! Sign upĀ for my free E-Book, ‘Giggles’ which includes my original monster pattern and tells a bit about how they came to be. And check back often to see what’s on my hook and to share what’s on yours!



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